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Тест: PlaneScape Factions

you have died. you wondered , you feared it, and deep in your heart you even were curious. but now you are dead, everything you have fought for, everything you have loved, everything you hated, everything you have built or believed in has lost its meaning. they are all gone, gone from your heart, gone from your thoughts, gone from your worries and you know they will soon be gone from your memory. one moment they meant everything, they were everything, they were YOUR LIFE. and just for second, a smallest fraction of a second, you felt it, you felt the embrace of death. both sweet and terrible, cold yet beautiful, for a second... and you are dead,you lived.. how many seconds..how many thousands of thousands of seconds. and they are all gone... lost. yes lost..you should feel loss..yet..yet you feel ..feel free?! something didn't want you there. you died. yes death! there was something...something after death. heaven?hell?another life?non-existence, and yet something took you, something brought your mind here, something gave shape to your thoughts. or was it you? and now you are in sigil. city that is everywhere and is everything, city of doors, gateway of all infinite worlds. place of beauties and horrors, yet it is not horrors or swords you must fear here but belief! belief is everything in sigil,everything is made of belief, belief can shape the worlds, grow a tree, belief can even kill the gods,was it belief that brought you here? HERE belief is power. here BELIEF is everything.

so tell me cutter. what DO YOU believe in?